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Feature Drama Screenplays

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The Corner (Andi Reiss) : ThrillerDaniel Boyd, a forty-eight year old banker has returned to the family home in New York after more than twenty years working in London and the Middle East. With the recent death of his mother, he has agreed to oversee the sale of the house. Fifteen years previously, in a bar in London at the beginning of 2003, Daniel had been approached by the CIA to organise the extradition of millions of US Dollars from the Bank of Baghdad, at the height of the Iraq war. Now back home, the memories of that year come back to haunt him in his childhood home and Daniel quickly falls into a state of psychosis. But is this mental condition a symptom of his recent adventures or a result of much deeper incidences.

Download Script: The Corner (March 19)

Golden Sun, Mister Moon is a childrens animation, a fantasy drama about eleven year old Isis and her mission to travel to a highland Loch that holds the elixir to cure her cancer.

Malfi is a psychological drama; a nightmarish tragedy of revenge, destruction and ultimately, bloody murder.  It is a modern adaptation of John Webster’s Jacobean classic play.

At her peril, a young widow disobeys her brothers and takes a second husband. In planting a spy, the brothers set the trap. Exile, torture, madness and death follow in its wake. 

The screenplay is a fresh adaptation of Webster’s bloody tale, highlighting political spin within society that echoes an ominous warning against increasing globalisation and the dominance of corruption. It will be a high-energy movie, with violence and horror in its later scenes, yet with the complexity of some of its characters, particularly Bosola and the Duchess.  

Length: 120 mins.