Andi Reiss is a London and Oxford (UK) based independent filmmaker; director, producer, writer, camera op and editor. He is also a photographer and cartoonist, and an award winning mistake maker, which is a big part of thinking different.

In all of his films he seeks to tell stories that question the status quo, in a social, political and ethical context, and with the experience to oversee a project from conception (script-drafting and development), through to financing, production, completion and delivery, Andi has forged many long-term connections. His work to date has attempted to demonstrate the power and significance of intimate vérité, investigative journalism and dramatic transition, incorporating many areas of production from documentary to digital content and mixed media installation. He continues to explore a variety of multimedia projects as  there is always more to learn.

His independent films include Cargo (2004), Homecoming (2010), Postively False – Birth of a Heresy (2011), Positive Hell (2014), Sacrificial Virgins (2017) and Endgame – Assisted Dying and UK legislation (2018). His commercial work includes spots for Ford, Google, Pro-Drive, Visit London, Barnado’s, Save The Children and Fair Trade.

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Described as being able to strike the ethnographic balance between getting involved with his topics, whilst ensuring distance enough to guarantee a neutrality and independence, he is a consumate self-shooting producer/director and editor, and with resources for all types of creative people, he is keen to hear from those who may benefit from this experience, as long as it doesn’t impact upon his other interests ; trampolining, bubblewrap, Avril Lavigne’s underrated later work and knitwear.

Having studied drama and directing at The Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, and briefly at the National Film and TV School, during his formative years, Andi built a strong foundation writing, producing and directing several diversified short films and commercials.  He is currently studying an MA in 21st Media at Coventry University.  In his spare time does a bit of writing, illustrating and cartooning, and also enjoys being an associate lecturer, teaching fresh and passionate undergraduate talent at Bucks New University.

He served on the Committee of the Directors Guild between 2004 and 2010, and is a Trustee for the mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind.