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Andi Reiss a multi-disciplinary artist, skilled as a self-shooting producer & director, dp, lighting cameraman, editor, colourist and photographer. He also works as a producer, writer, script doctor, illustrator, cartoonist, painter, digital artist, experimental video designer and educator.

He has not yet worked as a midwife, deodorant tester, chicken sexer or wrinkle chaser.

  • As a self shooting producer/director and videographer the world is full of interesting stories and Andi loves to be just one of the many to tell them, thriving on both the creative and technical aspects of production. I’m confident shooting on most standard industry equipment (F55, FS7, C300, Panasonic GH5, BM Ursa Mini, PMW200-300, XF305, 5D etc) to a broadcast level, and also on high grade cinematic lenses and in 4K. 
  • As a writer, researcher and script reader he relishes the unrelenting pursuit of something unique and have a strong mixed methodology of extensive background research. He works as a documentary consultant and story editor for filmmakers who are looking to dramatically improve the quality of their films – before, during and after shooting.
  • As a producer Andi is experienced and versatile with a range of skills including finance development, proposal writing, production management, casting, location management, storyboarding, budgeting and scheduling.
  • As an editor he ten years experience of working independently but collaborates well with others. He has studios with Avid, Adobe Creative Suite, Da Vinci Resolve, Audition and all graphics software. He works closely with creative directors, art directors, writers, producers and filmmakers to ensure creative expectations are met, following established editing workflows, standards and project structure.
  • As an educator he loves sharing my knowledge and experience with aspiring talent and works as a University Associate Lecturer and freelance course writer and tutor. He’s also on the jury at the Queens World Film Festival in New York.
  • As an artist he creates storyboards and mood boards, design graphics,  posters, flyers online banners and digital art, and he professionally doodles cartoons and caricatures. He also paints and does graffiti, both on canvasses and walls; all legally of course.
  • As a Trustee for the mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind he hopes to offer some help with the years of media, communications and digital production experience.
  • As a dad Andi’s a personal ATM by nature to the best eight year old boy in the world.

With an international mindset, excellent intercultural skills and experience of working with a diverse range of cultures and social backgrounds, he multi-tasks and multi-switches.  Do take a look around the website and, if interested please in touch!


“Andi Reiss is a filmmaker with a brave and brittle voice, appealing to something beyond the obvious.” James Christopher, ‘The Times’ (2010)


If statistics are to be believed, 43 percent of hirers said they “spend less than 60 seconds looking at a resume or reading a biography”. You’ve come this far and I am most grateful.  Thank you for visiting my site and enjoy delving into my adventures.