Feature Drama Screenplays


The Corner (Andi Reiss) : Daniel Boyd, a forty year old banker has returned to the family home in North Wales, after more than twenty years working in London and the Middle East. With the recent death of his mother, he has agreed to oversee the demolition of the house, in order to make way for a lucrative Hotel and National Park complex. Fifteen years previously, in a bar in London at the beginning of 2003, Daniel had been approached by the CIA to ‘bankroll Basra’; to organise the extradition of millions of US Dollars from the Bank of Baghdad. Now back home in Snowdonia, the memories of that year come back to haunt him and Daniel’s mind begins to play tricks as he prowls the now empty house he grew up in. Will he profit from his supernatural experience, or only resume his rather selfish and non-contemplative existence?

Malfi (Andi Reiss) : A reworking of John Webster’s macabre story of corruption, misuse of power, revenge, deception,the status of women and the consequences of their assertion of authority.

Golden Sun. Mr Moon (Andi Reiss) : Twelve year old Isis Cadabra suffers from Xeroderma Pigmentoseum, an inherited condition characterised by an extreme sensitivity to ultraviolet rays from sunlight. A chance encounter on the ‘Based Upon A True Dream’ website, brings Isis in touch with Robert, a twelve year boy living at the Shingwellwish Children’s hospital in the highlands of Scotland. Under the supervision of Doctor Zish, Shingwellwish has been at the forefront of CP diagnosis and treatment for over 60 years. It offers many therapies and interventions that can improve the function of children with this condition.  However, with the ever present shortage of funding, Doctor Zish is struggling to keep the residential clinic open.

Yet, the picturesque highland town holds a secret, and the Gypsy Camp, a subarea of the local reservoir, is a storehouse of mythic power. Our protagonists, with nothing but a minibus and a handful of hope, find themselves on a road trip to the highlands. They become inducted into the pools magical healing secrets, originally indivisible from nature itself.

Taking it’s inspiration from real characters and ancient healing miracles based upon stories of the 6th century apostle Saint Mungo, GOLDEN SUN. MISTER MOON is a children’s fantasy adventure, with hints of the supernatural adding a numinous element to what is essentially a story set in consensus reality.

The Horror  (Andi Reiss, Andy Blake)

Celeste (Andi Reiss, Andy Blake)

Alex (Andi Reiss, Andy Blake)

Amazing Grace (Andi Reiss, Kevin Pacey) : chosen to be workshopped as part of the BAFTA Rockcliffe programme in 2013.