The Ayahuasca Experiment (in development; Documentary Series 6 x 60 mins)

Producer: Andi Reiss, Director: Chris Skokoe

This film centres around the reality of our world, growing unease, uncertain political landscapes and existential crises all contributing to a decline in collective mental health. But a tide is turning. After years of negative and often inconsistent approaches towards the topic of ‘hallucinogenic’ substances, a revival in research into psychoactive compounds could be a catalyst for re-evaluating how science looks at mental health.

The central arch of our story follows four volunteers, each with their own outlook and beliefs on consciousness, mental health and existence, each with their own mental struggles who take to the depths of the Peruvian Amazon to take part in the ancient ceremony of Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca being a sacred tea is naturally shrouded in mystery with is origins remaining so to this very day, having being used for thousands of years, however in recent years it has been thrown into the limelight of interest from factions of the scientific community. Many of the claims made about this sacred medicine have been rejected and ridiculed, now it seems many of these claims are being substantiated.



All In The Mind (in development; Feature Documentary 90 mins)

an Andi Reiss film

Mental disorders appear to be increasing in number and severity, and untreated illness can have significant implications for academic success, productivity, and social relationships. Though the burden of illness resulting from psychiatric and behavioural disorders is enormous, it is grossly underrepresented by conventional public health statistics, which have tended to focus on mortality rather than morbidity or dysfunction. For example, when suicide represents a death due to depression, schizophrenia or drug abuse, it is tabulated as suicide. This documentary investigates the personal experiences of both service users and those who work on the other side. Objective and journalistic in its essence, it will hopefully allow the viewer to reach their own conclusions on the stigma of mental health, especially in the light of current funding issues.

Around the World On Scissors. Strangely Drawn? (in development; 6 x 30 min tv series)

Charles Burns, an artist who draws portraits with scissors, is making a journey to find other artists working with unusual tools. One winter’s morning he leaves the comfort of his home with nothing more than a passport, his favourite scissors and a pocketful of paper. Living on his wits and his skill as an artist, Charles will meet a variety of artists and “having a go” at their techniques. Those include graffiti artists in Säo Paulo who draw with a cherry picker, and in Shanghai, a pioneering adman and artist who draws with his eyes. Strangely drawn?

Little Calais (in development; Short Drama 30 mins)

an Andi Reiss film

Nine year old Syrian girl, Aya arrives with her family in England after a year living in the Calais jungle. She faces the challenges of a new life and a new school. However, with the help of the ghost of her best friend, Nooga, she creates an imaginative art project to teach her classmates the true meaning of being a refugee.