The Language of Editing (4 week course)

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The Language of Editing – an introduction.

Level: Pre-College, Undergraduate, Graduate, & Young Professionals

2 hours, one evening per week for four weeks

This course is designed for those who desire who to learn video editing, with the aim of giving you the tools and information to learn more by yourself. From narrative scene editing to documentary editing, it will help you make a short film, documentary or promo video. Adobe Premiere Pro is fast becoming the industry standard software for video editing both in businesses and in post production houses due to its flexibility, cross platform compatibility, and intuitive design. This hands on course will cover the video editing process from start to finish using Adobe Premiere Pro.

You will learn the basics of cutting, creating titles and credits, colour correction and how to export/compress a finished film for different outlets. We will then look at the psychology of editing and learn why our brains are able to easily handle the concept of splicing between images even though that is not what happens in real life.

Topics Covered

  • Media management
  • Import settings
  • Digital video formats and standards
  • Video editing tools and techniques
  • Adding effects and transitions
  • Audio mixing
  • Adding titles
  • Exporting finished video

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Understand the Adobe Premiere interface, video workflows and digital video formats
  • Edit video, audio and other media content proficiently
  • Add video effects, transitions, titles and video generators to enhance your video
  • Complete a short promotional video or short film
  • Export video content and prepare it web, TV and mobile outputs.