The Language of Cinematography (5 week course)

The Language of Cinematography – an introduction.
2 hours, one evening per week for five weeks

Cinematography is a scientific art form, and our 10 hour online series of workshops will help you understand how to capture great motion picture photography with whatever camera you have access to, (for instance, a pro/semi-pro camcorder, DSLR, Mirrorless cameras, or indeed your Smart Phone.)  Our Five Week Cinematography – Online Course covers the basics of the many varied aspects of cinematography including camera operation, focus, depth of field and lens manipulation. It gives learners a good understanding of dramatic lighting techniques, lighting for interviews, the inverse square law, DIT, colour correction and grading.

Week 01: An introduction to the language of cinematography; the art of the visual narrative, with assessment of your camera and its infinitive potential.

Week 02: Understanding framing, aperture, shutter speed and ISO, with tips for specific lighting techniques and interview set-ups.

Week 03: Understanding your camera so that it becomes an extra arm and you can be an autonomous shooter in varied circumstances. We will look at shot choices and how you achieve get that cinematic look.

Between weeks 03 and 04 learners will be expected to shoot 1 minute of creative video.

Week 04: Introduction to editing, and understanding how the edit is where your film really comes together, focussing particularly on colour correction and grading your image.

Between weeks 04 and 05 learners will be expected to edit, colour correct and grade their footage.

Week 05: Students showcase of their work undertaken, course appraisal and summary, with discussion, debate and questions invited.