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The benefits of hiring a consultant are huge, and at its most basic level, a consultant helps ensure that your project is accurate.

Andi has served as a production consultant in the film and video production business for over fifteen years, and can handle anything a production needs to be successful including finding finance, locations, crew, or equipment needed along with fixing any other problems that may arise. Do you need help choosing contributors for your film? Need to attract funding for your project with an eye catching sample tape? Want to make sure your written proposal is compelling and convincing? Andi has taken on roles from executive producer, scriptwriter, editor, director, director of photographer, gaffer and so on, and whilst it isn’t always good to be a jack-of-all trades (because the tendency is that theories and practices for one kind of area may not be applicable for another) knowledge is power. His understanding of the creative, technical, financial and marketing aspects of the industry is considerable.

A willingness to have a conversation and seeing where it might lead will show you things you never imagined in this business, so if you would like to discuss your project, please fee free to reach out using the Contact Form at the foot of this page.


Andi is an associate lecturer at Bucks New University, and has taught filmmaking in many aspects at various higher educational establishments since 2008, including SAE (London and Oxford) and the London Academy of Media, Film and TV. He also teaches at Film Oxford. He has also been been offering professional short courses in film and video production from his studios in Oxford or London for five years. These courses are designed  for anyone looking for a better understanding of the art form as a whole, within specific areas of the business; creative, technical and otherwise.  If you are interested, please do get in touch.

He is experienced in writing, teaching and overseeing the following modules/courses:-

  • Tech Skills: Camera and Editing (Premiere Pro)
  • Writing for film and television: documentary
  • World of Journalism (with a focus on video journalism, reportage and short form documentary)
  • Writing for film and television: fiction (focussing on ‘how to read a script’, short visual narrative and feature script development)
  • Technical skills: lighting and sound
  • An introduction to photography
  • Advanced technical skills
  • Photography for Design, Advertising and Promotion: Editorial 
  • The Media Business and creating business plans
  • Production Management
  • Music Video Production
  • Editing Print and Online Content
  • Media Lifestyle and Culture 
  • Professional Preparation (Placement Plus) 
  • Photography for Design, Advertising and Promotion: Campaign and Publicity 
  • Art Film Production (focussing on the difference between art and experimental film and commercial film)
  • News Truth and Power (with a focus on video journalism, reportage and short form documentary)
  • Presentation for Broadcast Media 
  • Social media marketing
  • Filming on mobile phones (with a focus on using specific apps that turn a phone into a DSRL kit)
  • Professional Preparation 2 
  • Industry Practice Research Project (focussing on  historical or social value and content analysis research methodologies)
  • Independent Script Project 
  • Creative Portfolio Production 
  • Placement Plus Work based project
  • Introduction to producing branded film and corporate video
  • Event production
  • Performance video production
  • Creative VJing
  • Directing Drama and working with actors (both with script and improvisation)
  • Creating your showreel

Download Andi’s teaching assessment report from Film Oxford here:-

Andi Reiss SCP Observation template 2019-20

“I was taught by Andi Reiss since early on in my time at SAE , Oxford, and I have developed a strong friendship and working relationship with him over this period. He is a dedicated and passionate individual who has a keen interest in educating those who want to go into the film industry. Andi is a producer/director at heart, but he is a confident and switched-on lecturer who inspires creativity in so many areas of filmmaking; from screenwriting to cinematography, directing actors, documentary making, producing, budgeting, production management, editing, colour grading, film festivals, sales and distribution. He also has considerable knowledge of the history of film and television. He was able to answer students questions thoroughly and in depth, and was always willing to go the extra mile and give students the on-set experience and opportunities many desire. I can honestly say my skills and technical knowledge at University have come on leaps and bounds, and I am grateful to have studied under Andi’s tuition.”

Keith Hoult, Former SAE Student, 2015

“You assume every lecturer to have the same views and restrictions, but Andi enabled me to get a 2:1 when I was convinced I couldn’t even pass. He was not just a lecturer, he was a friend. A no nonsense, quirky, professional friend. I wish I had known him academically for longer.”

Taylor Papworth, Former SAE Student, 2015

“I can speak for my entire year when I say that Andi Reiss was one of the only lecturers at SAE, Oxford that had hands on experience and lecturing skills. Over our two year BA degrees course, Andi made such an effort with students, always happy to teach, advise and assist.”

Dan Edwards, Former SAE Student, 2015


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