Catharsis: The Ayahuasca Experiment

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Producer/Directors: Andi Reiss and Chris Skokoe

Matt began life as a regular kid growing up in New Hampshire in the 70’s. He studied hard, worked tirelessly for his eventual job as a nuclear welder, married, bought a house, raised a family and made a run at the American dream. Now, at the age of forty-three he’s been given only a few years to live.

This film is a unique experiment, which sees Matt explore the emerging world of psycho-assisted therapy, in a bid to try something when all else has failed.  By travelling deep into the jungles of Peru, taking part in a series of 8000 year old ceremonies, whilst also learning from the best scientific minds currently researching this new realm of medical science, Matt searches to make sense of the situation he finds himself in, and to clear a mental path forward in the time that he has left.

Uncovering this mysterious practice and its hidden power could be the key to Matt’s catharsis and bring to light the current renaissance of mental health understanding. In exploring the highly controversial world of psycho-assisted therapy in the modern age, this feature documentary aims to examine just how effective a tool it has become for understanding mental health.

Running Time : 90 mins

Screening Format: DCP, Broadcast

Genres: Human Relationship, Psychology, Science, Mental Health, Society, Human Rights, History

Country: UK/USA/Peru

Producer/Director: Andi Reiss

Producer/Director: Chris Stokoe

Budget: £100,000 (GBP)/$130,000 (US)

Expected Release: 2021



Engaged Citizens; Beyond Politics

Feature Documentary (90mins)

Producers: Michael U. Baumgartner, Andi Reiss

Longline : Young adults in a global search for true democracy and the root of governance by citizens; finding the beauty of people power. This is a 90 min documentary with the aim of showing:-

  • the long history of governance by citizens (rather than governance by elected 
representatives) – true democracy – is neither young (only 200 years) nor can it be simply tracked back to Europe (Greece) only. Looking at history, finding the traces of governance by citizens throughout different ages and cultures.
  • the problems that today’s representational democracy poses and how we got stocked in an increasingly dysfunctional political system.
  • how to further true democracy (using examples) and the beauty of citizens governance (stories)

”engaged citizens; beyond politics” documentary treatment dec 2018



Why Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury didn’t die of HIV/AIDS

…and why “Magic Johnson” survived.

Feature Documentary (90mins)

Producers: Torsten Engelbrecht, Joan Shenton, Andi Reiss


The medical presentation of the destinies of these mega stars acted as a key factor to establish the HIV=AIDS dogma, although it is scientifically untenable. The true causes behind what is called “AIDS”, such as drug use and the intake of highly toxic medication were tragically dismissed.


A World Apart – Mental Health in the Context of War

a multi-channel video installation 

Producer/Director: Andi Reiss

“War is hell… it has an impact on the people who take part that never heals”

The impact on the mental health of civilian populations within conflict zones is one of the most significant consequences of war. It destroys communities and families and often disrupts the development of the social and economic fabric of nations.

Without oversimplifying the project, this proposed 30 minute multi-screen video installation aims to:-

  1. explore the issues surrounding refugees’ lives, which are inevitably complicated.
  2. delve into factors contributing to a lack of mental wellbeing, notably isolation, dislocation and post traumatic stress disorder.
  3. identify the struggle to adapt to the “way that things are done” in the UK.
  4. give such vulnerable people a voice.
  5. highlight the work undertaken by organisations such as Oxfordshire Mind, and other charities, to help these vulnerable groups in such areas as assistance with asylum applications, housing, education, counselling and social
  6. bring to public attention the to need to improve the lives of people experiencing mental distress from conflict trauma.

The days of a single screen are long gone. Consumers now engage with content across a number of devices, and the shift in media consumption has caused digital designers, developers, filmmakers and artists to innovate in an entirely new way. Multi-screen video installation in a single space creates an immersive environment unlike that which we might journey through in watching a documentary or television narrative. The here-and-now reality of the sensory experience created by this art form makes a systematic whole from a series of parts.

 A World Apart – Mental Health in the Context of War