A World Apart (Multi-Channel Installation)

Screen 1 – Trilogy


Screen 2 – A Migrant’s Story


Screen 03 – A Soldier’s Story


A World Apart is a multi-channel video installation based upon the theme of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is the representational narrative of three individuals, all of whom are in the process of dealing with  and coming to terms with PTSD.

Format: Immersive multi channel video variant

Duration: 07.30



According to research, from a publication from Drexel University in 2015, the media plays a large role in what the general population and lawmakers associate with PTSD. It can shape public awareness about mental health issues and affect mental illness problem recognition, management, and treatment-seeking by providing information about risk factors, symptoms, coping strategies, and treatment options. It can also influence community attitudes about mental illness and educate policymakers about whether and how to address them.

However, this focus could arguably inhibit awareness about PTSD resilience and recovery and constrain discourse about the social determinants of traumatic stress, if perceived in a way that offers little or no immersive inclusion.

The aim of this study therefore was to determine how individual stories could be translated within an immersive, artistic experience. As one sufferer of PTSD explained to me, “the problem is that a therapist only knows what you disclose. They can’t fill in the blanks for you.” Perhaps, in the creation of a video installation or a video variant, the client, counselor and general consumer might view the issues within, with a fresh perspective.

The research question is investigated and aimed to be answered through a practical experiment that has resulted in a multi channel presentation that, I hope, stretches the boundaries of understanding. The piece is marked by a human presence as to evoke narrative and symbolism, yet is aimed to challenge the viewer’s vision and sense of perspective.

My 10,000 word written statement can be downloaded here: A World Apart Essay

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The ultimate aim would be to have this multi-screen installation at the interactive exhibition space during the (WISH) World Innovation Summit for Health’s global community conference that will be convening for a fourth time in Doha on November 13th and 14th, 2018.

From there, it would be possible to see the installation at the Museum of Modern Art and St Anthony’s College, Oxford with a view to touring the piece around the UK to raise awareness and to highlight the tireless work undertaken by Oxfordshire Mind, Refugee Resource and Asylum Welcome.

Possible participants might include:-

  • Sultana Afdhal, Chief Executive Officer of the World Innovation Summit for Health (WISH).
  • Dr Mukesh Kapila CBE is Professor of Global Health and Humanitarian Affairs, University of Manchester.
  • Dr Mohammed Bin Ghanim Al-Ali Al Maadeed, Chairman of Qatar Red Crescent, an active part of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent.
  • Oxfordshire Mind.
  • Refugee Resource.
  • Asylum Welcome.


Andi Reiss – filmmaker, video artist, producer

A recent Trustee of Oxfordshire Mind, Andi is an Oxford based film and video producer, director, writer, editor, visual journalist, media artist and lecturer. He is an award winning independent documentary maker with experience in graphic design, filmmaking, photography, art, installation, exhibition, publishing and theatre production. His work has always attempted to demonstrate the power and significance of storytelling with investigative journalism, and also to uncover stories of people who have been ignored by the mainstream media or left otherwise without voice. Often with a political aspect, it incorporates a range of artistic disciplines, uniting them within a social and cultural context. Andi works with a small team, but has the rare combination of storytelling, photography and people skills that, hopefully makes his work as interesting as it might be challenging, placing a fresh focus on its subject matter.


This project is being developed in association with Oxfordshire Mind.OxMind Logo.png