a feature documentary, in development.

Canada made a medical-assisted death legal in September 2016, becoming one of the few places in the world where it is legal to help sick people die, and in the most humane manner. 

A medically assisted death counted for 1.89% of all deaths in Canada in 2019 and you do not need to have a terminal illness to be eligible for a  medical assisted death there. 

This is the law that organisations such as My Death, My Decision are campaigning for in the United Kingdom.

This documentary aims to be a comparative analysis of procedure, protocol and practice, examining Canada and the UK’s position on Medical Assisted Death.  

The film will also include stories from Oregon and California in the US. The California End of Life Option Act went into effect on 9thJune 2016, yet it is by no means an ideal and far less progressive as it is an option given to individuals via court decision and the prescription medication must be taken orally which can present difficulties.

At the moment the UK public have expressed consistent support for legislation and yet doctors views remain split. But the British Medical Journal are advising that doctors must engage with the Medical Assisted Debate debate as a matter of human importance. Both euthanasia and assisted suicide remain illegal under English law despite 73% of those polled in August 2021 supported some form of doctor-assisted death for those with terminal illnesses.

Producers Andi Reiss and Kris Sorbie believe in the power of film to ignite debate and discussion and they have worked in documentary production for two decades. Their projects are all connected by one theme – people’s desire to achieve change.

They are looking to raise a total of 11,500USD/10,000GBP to make this documentary a reality. Should you be interested in helping to fund this important film please contact:  and  Thank you for your kind attention.

…but there are many moral, ethical, and legal issues to be explored and evaluated in order to achieve change.