Ayahuasca Experiment (Ethnographic Documentary)

Shooting at The Ayahuasca Foundation in Peru between April 10th and May 11th 2024.

Producer/Director: Andi Reiss

Producer: Kris Sorbie

Status: In Development.



This immersive and ethnographical documentary is being made in collaboration with The Ayahuasca Foundation, and more about the Empowerment Retreat we will be focussing on and participating in can be found here.

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 20.18.57

Screenshot 2020-05-14 at 21.17.33

Shareholding Offer: The film will be a feature-length, cinematic experience in keeping with the traditional three-act structure, yet going into the depths and nuances that ‘shorts’ and ‘reportage’ cannot. We are a not-for-shareholder profit community interest company based in Oxford (UK) and New York (USA), working regionally, nationally and internationally on fiscal sponsored independent documentary films.

Our shareholding offer is simple – 
  • In order to attract a distributor whilst in ‘post production’ we need to keep 50% of the project funds.
  • Therefore 50% of the project is available and offered at $1,000 per share. 
As a general rule –
  • Most independent investors can make on average 25% upwards to double their money back. 
  • Or 150% on the funding dollars upon a successful sale. 
We are looking for investors to own a part of the film, which could vary between 25-50%.

If you or someone you know might be interested in participating or helping to finance this documentary, contact the producers, Andi Reiss, Kris Sorbie or Chris Stokeo.