Documentary Films

Andi has written, produced, directed and edited ten independent festival award-winning documentaries and has screened at many international events including Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, South By Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, New York IFF, Telluride Film Festival, Taormina Film Festival and Queens World Film Festival.

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Chasin’ The Championship – Doc, 2021 (60 min). Documentary Feature. A Film by Dave Baum, produced by Andi Reiss.


Endgame – Assisted Suicide and UK Legislation – Doc, 2018 (60 min). Documentary Feature; Writer, Director, Producer, Editor  (BFI Link)

Watch the full documentary here.

Sacricifical Virgins – Doc, 2017 (30 min). Documentary Short; young girls are being seriously injured after being vaccinated against HPV. Director, Producer, Editor 

Positively Wrong ‘Censored’ – Doc, 2017 (10 min). Documentary Short; dissecting the argument for censorship within the media. Director, Producer, Editor 

Positively Wrong ‘Testing Times’ – Doc, 2017 (10 min). Documentary Short; investigating  the history of ‘Re-thinking AIDS’. Director, Producer, Editor 

Humanity’s Heart – Doc, 2017 (58 min). Documentary Feature; discussing the politics of the recent refugee crises – the largest since WW2. Writer, Edit Producer

Paramedic Activity – Doc, 2017 (25 min). Documenting a week with the Emergency Services. Self Shooting Producer/Director

Endeavour Fun Mongolia – Doc, 2017 (58 min) – In Development. Documentary; twelve ex-military servicemen with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder venture to Mongolia. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer, Editor

Oil In Our Waters – Doc, 2016 (10 min), Documentary short about illegal oil dumping in the North Atlantic. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer, Editor

The Lost Boyz – Doc, 2016 (58 min). Documentary feature about graffiti taggers to hardened criminals, and the dark underbelly of South London gangland re-visited. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer. Editor

Building A New Helsinki – Doc, 2016 (30 min). Documentary short about London architectural practice, Autor taking on the giants in a pitch to design the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki, using sacred geometry as it’s design premise.Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer, Editor

Homecoming – Doc, 2015 (75 min). Documentary feature; a retrospective on the impact of the Croatian Homeland war in 1991. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer, Editor

Positive Hell – Doc, 2015 (30 min). Documentary short about five individuals discussing their HIV diagnosis, defying the establishment and questioning the medical orthodoxy.Self Shooting PD, Co-Producer, Editor

Silhouette Secrets – Doc, 2015 (58 min). Documentary feature about a modern day silhouette artist making an historical journey back in time and discovering the curious beginnings of shadow art. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Co-Producer, Editor

Positively False- Doc, 2012 (58 min). Documentary feature about the HIV Dissident movement, and the story of the medical orthodoxy. Self Shooting PD, Co-Producer, Editor

RCHM – Doc, 2012 (58 min). Documentary feature about The Royal College Hospital, Manchester. Self Shooting PD, Co-Producer, Editor

Amazing Grace – Doc, 2012 (30 min). Documentary short about a UK based project helps build a self sustainment village in Uganda. Self Shooting PD, Co-Producer, Editor