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Chasin’ The Championship – Doc, 2021 (60 min). Documentary Feature. A Film by Dave Baum, produced by Andi Reiss.

Endgame – Assisted Suicide and UK Legislation – Doc, 2018 (60 min). Documentary Feature; Writer, Director, Producer, Editor  (BFI Link)

Watch the full documentary here.

Sacricifical Virgins – Doc, 2017 (30 min). Documentary Short; young girls are being seriously injured after being vaccinated against HPV. Director, Producer, Editor 

Positively Wrong ‘Censored’ – Doc, 2017 (10 min). Documentary Short; dissecting the argument for censorship within the media. Director, Producer, Editor 

Positively Wrong ‘Testing Times’ – Doc, 2017 (10 min). Documentary Short; investigating  the history of ‘Re-thinking AIDS’. Director, Producer, Editor 

Humanity’s Heart – Doc, 2017 (58 min). Documentary Feature; discussing the politics of the recent refugee crises – the largest since WW2. Writer, Edit Producer

Paramedic Activity – Doc, 2017 (25 min). Documenting a week with the Emergency Services. Self Shooting Producer/Director

Endeavour Fun Mongolia – Doc, 2017 (58 min) – In Development. Documentary; twelve ex-military servicemen with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder venture to Mongolia. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer, Editor

Oil In Our Waters – Doc, 2016 (10 min), Documentary short about illegal oil dumping in the North Atlantic. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer, Editor

The Lost Boyz – Doc, 2016 (58 min). Documentary feature about graffiti taggers to hardened criminals, and the dark underbelly of South London gangland re-visited. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer. Editor

Building A New Helsinki – Doc, 2016 (30 min). Documentary short about London architectural practice, Autor taking on the giants in a pitch to design the Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki, using sacred geometry as it’s design premise.Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer, Editor

Homecoming – Doc, 2015 (75 min). Documentary feature; a retrospective on the impact of the Croatian Homeland war in 1991. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Producer, Editor

Positive Hell – Doc, 2015 (30 min). Documentary short about five individuals discussing their HIV diagnosis, defying the establishment and questioning the medical orthodoxy.Self Shooting PD, Co-Producer, Editor

Silhouette Secrets – Doc, 2015 (58 min). Documentary feature about a modern day silhouette artist making an historical journey back in time and discovering the curious beginnings of shadow art. Self Shooting PD, Writer, Co-Producer, Editor

Positively False- Doc, 2012 (58 min). Documentary feature about the HIV Dissident movement, and the story of the medical orthodoxy. Self Shooting PD, Co-Producer, Editor

RCHM – Doc, 2012 (58 min). Documentary feature about The Royal College Hospital, Manchester. Self Shooting PD, Co-Producer, Editor

Amazing Grace – Doc, 2012 (30 min). Documentary short about a UK based project helps build a self sustainment village in Uganda. Self Shooting PD, Co-Producer, Editor