Video Village

Here you can view a selection of content, other than independent documentary, that Andi has made between 2004 and 2022, listed alphabetically:-

2022 – Oxfordshire Mind campaign

2019 – The Truth Machine- child sexual abuse charity campaign

2017 – Amazing Grace – humanitarian charity campaign

2014 – World Water – humanitarian charity informercial

2011 – Barnado’s – children’s charity campaign


Michelin – Commercial, 2011

Visit London – Commercial, 2012

Paper Moon, Qatar – Commercial, 2012

Visit Scotland – Commercial, 2010

HKTB – Commercial, 2009

Caritas – Commercial, 2009

YPO London – Corporate, 2013

YPO Active Learning – Edu/Commercial, 2013

Animation Promo Porche – 2013

University Of Ghent – Educational, 2010

Andi worked as a creative producer for Fashion One in The Philippines in 2012.

Cargo – Feature, 2004 (80 min) – Director, Producer and Co-Writer

Drama; five Croatian asylum seekers travel to the UK in an attempt to escape the horrors of the Balkan conflict of the early nineties. The film first screen in Cannes in May 2004 and subsequently was chosen to open the Taormina Film Festival a month later. It wen ton to screen at many indie film festivals around the world, was picked up for distribution by Content and is available to stream.

Miss Julie – Short, 2014 – Director, Producer, Editor and Co-Writer

Drama; a modern adaptation of Strindberg’s classic drama about sexual desire and class.

Into The Sunshine – Short, 2012 – Producer, Editor and Writer

The Obit Woman – Short, 2012 – Producer, Director and Editor

MOMA, Oxford, 2019

NYU, 2017

The Falcon Group, 2013

Multimodal, 2018

Chevron, 2012

Education Excellence Day, Qatar, 2012

The Girl Child Africa Awareness Day, 2017

Ethnography is the scientific description of peoples and cultures with their customs, habits, and mutual differences. An ethnographic film is a non-fiction film, often similar to a documentary film, historically dealing with non-Western people, and sometimes associated with anthropology. Andi is currently developing a series of ethnographic projects (long and short form), notably Catharsis : The Ayahuasca Experiment.

Here’s a collection of his work that have appeared in art galleries, clubs, conferences or at outdoor events.

Andi has also done a lot of VJing (pronounced: VEE-JAY-ing); a broad designation for realtime visual performance. Characteristics of VJing are the creation or manipulation of imagery in realtime through technological mediation and for an audience, in synchronization to music. VJing often takes place at events such as concertsnightclubsmusic festivals and sometimes in combination with other performative arts. This results in a live multimedia performance that can include music, actors and dancers.

Bishi ‘Albion Voice’ – Music Video, 2013

Mooges & Plaid, Live At The Roundhouse – Live Music, 2014

A Symphony For You – Live Music, 2010

Randolph Matthews ‘ Silent Screams’ – Music Video, 2012

Pyromania ‘ Embryonic Dreams’ – Music Video, 2005