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BECTU PLI 2018 2019

Please feel free to look at the catalogue of work on Vimeo

Education:  Masters (with Distinction) in 21st Century Media Practice


  • Documentary Production; short and long form.
  • Script-writing.
  • Multi-channel installation.
  • Producing; budgeting and scheduling.
  • Brainstorming; writing treatments and pitches.
  • Cinematography, camera operating and immersive videography.
  • Editing; Avid, Premiere Pro, FCP, After FX, Da Vinci Resolve etc
  • Interviewing; getting people to relax, open-up, be authentic and communicate.
  • Corporate Visual Communications; script to screen management
  • Marketing; products, services, festivals, television channels & programmes.
  • Graphic design.
  • Making Promos; on-air/off-air campaigns, launches,brand work.
  • Behind The Scenes Videography.
  • Crowdfunding Campaigns.
  • Lecturing at Undergraduate Level; film production, finance and distribution.
  • Performance painting, cartoons and caricatures.

Contact:- UK: +44 (0) 777 571 3363  US: +1 718 316 3359 Email  Skype: andireiss

2019: Andi is currently developing there documentary projects, and works part time as Creative Director for Kris Sorbie NYC, creating online content and video variants.


Past Projects

Independent Documentary



Multi Channel Video Installation and Experimental Campaigns 


  • 2017 Director/DP/Editor (Short Doc) ’Sacrificial Virgins’ Meditel Productions
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/208478319
  • 2017 Director/DP/Editor (Short Doc) ’PW – Censored’ Meditel Productions
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/208478319
  • 2017 Director/DP/Editor (Short Doc) ’PW – Testing Times’ Meditel Productions
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/207097984
  • 2015 Producer/Director/Camera Op/Editor (Short Doc) Building A New Helsinki Autor
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/130313573 (award winning festival film)
  • 2014 – 2015 Producer/Director/Camera Op/Editor (Feature Doc) Silhouette Secrets The Roving Artist
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/73028649 (award winning festival film)
  • 2011 – 2014 Producer/Director/Camera Op/Editor (Feature Doc) Positively False IRF
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/40364367 (award winning festival film)
  • 2011 – 2013 Producer/Director/Camera Op/Editor (Feature Doc) Homecoming YME
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/118595175 (award winning festival film)
  • 2013 Producer/Director/Camera Op/Editor Film (Feature Doc) Positive Hell IRF
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/95802046 (award winning festival film including Social Impact Award at Queens IFF, 2017)
  • 2012 Producer/Director/Camera Op/Editor Film (Short Doc) Amazing Grace YME
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/34889724 (award winning festival film)
  • 2012 Producer/Director/Camera Op/Editor (Short Doc) Lost Boyz – Dark Side Of Graffiti
  • View trailer at:- https://vimeo.com/152083110


Independent Drama


Agency Assignments (as Creative Director) 

  • 2012 – 2013 Creative Director for Resolution Productions in Qatar (6 months)
  • 2012 – 2013 Creative Director/Producer/Writer for Fashion One in The Philippines (6 months)
  • https://vimeo.com/157188577


Commercial and Corporate (as Producer and Director)


Behind The Scenes Videography

Audio Motion – https://vimeo.com/173048267


Video Installation


Associate Lecturer at: SAE, Oxford & London and London Academy of Media, Film and TV


Memberships: PACT, DGGB,BAFTA Crew

Trustee at Oxfordshire Mind.

Digital Art and Paintings – https://vimeo.com/179401467
Digital Caricatures – https://vimeo.com/179890241
Storyboards – https://andireiss.wordpress.com/biog/storyboards The Directors – https://vimeo.com/109941344



 “Andi Reiss is a filmmaker with a brave and brittle voice, appealing to something beyond the obvious.” James Christopher, ‘The Times’ (2010)

“Andi has that unique interviewer’s ability to help me say what I really wanted to say, in ways that I could never have imagined saying it.” Charles Burns, Silhouette Secrets, (2015)

“Andi Reiss is a polymath; a multi-talented creative filmmaker with expert knowledge in business. I have worked closely with Andi over the past 4 years, and in 2013 he and I co-produced a 90 minute documentary which won several awards at international film festivals. We have more recently made a half hour documentary which has won two film festival awards and been selected for screening by the Queens World Film Festival, New York, in March 2017. Andi is a highly skilled cameraperson and editor. He has also had extensive experience of teaching students. He is creative and artistic. He is an ideal candidate for a faculty that combines Design and Media Management.  Andi Reiss’s artistic training and abilities combined with his organisational skills would make an important contribution to the production company or high education establishment. I would recommend him highly as a creative and motivated team member.” 

Joan Shenton, Director – Meditel Productions (2017)

“I have known Andi Reiss since 2001, both as a friend and, since 2002-2004 , as a work colleague on the feature film Cargo, which Andi directed , and which was produced in 2004.   We were co-sceenwriters of the film’s adapted screenplay, and I was also executive producer. Andi is a highly knowledgeable, resourceful, and hardworking filmmaker, with over 15 years’ experience in all areas of the film industry.  He also has an aptitude for , and proven skills in,  critical appraisal, research ,and writing.  In addition, he taught for seven years , on a part-time basis,  on a BA degree programme for the SAE film school in Oxford. I have no doubt that he would bring these areas of expertise, experience, commitment, and skill to making films and/or teaching, and for all these reasons I am pleased to support his application in the strongest terms.” 

Dr. Tudor Jones.

Hon. Research Fellow in History of Political Thought, Coventry University.

Tutor in Political History, Dept. for Continuing Education, University of Oxford. (2017)

“Andi is an inspirational teacher and practitioner with an infectious enthusiasm for what he does.  He is generous with his encouragement and with his helpful tips for those starting out and he is a great storyteller”.  

Victoria Bentata, Film Oxford.


“I was taught by Andi Reiss for two years at SAE, Oxford, and he inspires creativity in so many areas of filmmaking; from screenwriting to cinematography, directing actors, documentary making, producing, budgeting, production management, editing, colour grading, film festivals, sales and distribution. He also has considerable knowledge of the history of film and television. I can honestly say my skills and technical knowledge at University have come on leaps and bounds under Andi’s tuition.”

Keith Hoult, Former, SAE Student, 2015


“You assume every lecturer to have the same views and restrictions, but Andi enabled me to get a 2:1 when I was convinced I couldn’t even pass. He is not just a great lecturer, but a no nonsense, professional filmmaker and a friend. I wish I had known him academically for longer.”

Taylor Papworth, Former SAE Student, 2015

Other referees available upon request.