Film: Documentary and Copy Writing

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Story Telling Is The Most Important Thing In Documentaries.

When I teach documentary making I ask my students to list their favourite documentaries of all time, and then ask them what they love so much about these films. The number one thing is always Story.

Telling a story that is as gripping as an edge-of-your-seat drama is not easy and takes some crafting. A great great documentary writer will help you work out the best way to draw out the potential of the dramatic story in your film before you go out to shoot, whilst you’re shooting (and sometimes) after you’ve shot it.

Although I have to say that it’s always better to work on this before the shoot. In the process of working with a documentary story editor you may be encouraged to change or re-shape some of the elements in your film until they’re likely to form a compelling narrative. Whilst doing this you will learn some incredibly useful story-telling techniques that you’ll be able to apply to every documentary that you ever make in the future.

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Daily Rate: £120/$150