Film: Post-Production

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Showreel – 5.1 audio mix; view with headphones.

CV Andi Reiss ( 2020 or save this page as a .pdf.

  • Member of the Directors Guild of Great Britain (DGGB)
  • Associate member of the British Film Editors Guild (BFE)

As an editor with twenty years of professional experience, Andi has…

  • a passion for film editing and cinematography
  • a comprehensive knowledge of the film post-production process
  • proficiency in working with latest editing software in his studio alone
  • an ability to work with cinematographers, sound technicians, producers and directors
  • a high level of creative and technical skills
  • the ability to think differently and uniquely

The essence of cinema can only be found in the edit. Editing is one of the most interesting and rewarding parts of making a short film or video. It’s where the story really comes together. 

Unknown-1.pngAndi has an equipped post-production studio in Palm Springs, California.