Film: Post Production

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…with our bijou & beautiful self-contained Annex apartment, available through Air BnB.


Showreel – 5.1 audio mix; view with headphones.

CV Andi Reiss ( 2020 or save this page as a .pdf.

  • Member of the Directors Guild of Great Britain (DGGB)
  • Associate member of the British Film Editors Guild (BFE)

Edit Suite For Hire

Unknown-1.pngAndi is an associate member of the BFE (Guild of British Film Editors) and has a flexible post production studio in Oxford, with self-contained annex chalet accommodation, BBQ, hot tub and pebble beach aesthetic appreciation. The studio is suitable for independent documentaries, shorts, music video and commercial projects. The facility has everything you need to edit 4k and HD material on… and if it doesn’t just ask. Hot swappable clean OS’s so that if you prefer editing in FCP Studio, Avid or Premiere Pro you can arrive to an environment that you’re familiar with.

As an editor, Andi has…

  • a passion for film editing and cinematography
  • a comprehensive knowledge of the film post-production process
  • proficiency in working with latest editing software in his studio alone
  • an ability to work with cinematographers, sound technicians, producers and directors
  • a high level of creative and technical skills
  • the ability to think differently and uniquely


The essence of cinema can only be found in the edit. And who doesn’t love staying up all night?

The Studio is available at £40ph or £160 for 12 hours.

The Annex can be booked through Air BnB.