Film: Business Plans

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I have worked as a finance consultant on independent films in the UK and overseas co-productions, and I’d be delighted to offer advice and support where I can for your project.

There are many routes to film funding in the UK, with tax relief benefits and a wide range of awards and schemes running throughout the year with different agencies. This relief can translate into tax relief of up to 20% the production budget for expenditure which is used or consumed in the UK.

Indirect assistance is provided by the UK government to film, among many other sectors, in the form of the Enterprise Investment Scheme (“EIS”) and the more recently established Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (“SEIS”). These are tax incentives provided to UK tax payers to encourage them to invest in the production, and subsequent exploitation of a film. EIS and SEIS were established by the government in 1997 and 2012 respectively and are tax incentives provided to UK tax payers to encourage them to subscribe for new share capital in UK companies that carry on qualifying trades. The production of a film and subsequent exploitation of that film is a qualifying trade for EIS and SEIS purposes.SEIS is designed for a small fundraising by a UK company of up £150,000 while EIS can be used by a UK company on larger fundraisings of up to £5m.

There is also private equity and crowd funding finance and product placement.

The European Union’s funding programme for the creative, cultural and audiovisual industries, Creative Europe, offers non-repayable grants to producers, as well as distributors, sales agents and more.


Business Plan Rates dependant upon the size of your project.