“In researching how to create a personal website, I’ve been impressed by how good people are about saying how good they are, and how much they have to offer!  All I can say is I have been fortunate to have been in the driving seat of many interesting films, videos, other creative projects and worth while causes over the years.  I have worked extensively overseas, overseen departments made up of many talented professionals, and will hopefully continue to come up with ideas and turn those into films that engage, inspire, touch hearts and change minds, creating what I can with tools that were previously only available with large teams.”

Andi Reiss is a festival award winning documentary filmmaker and video artist, producing work for television and art galleries. He aims to incorporate a range of artistic disciplines, uniting them within a social, political and cultural context. His film include Cargo (2004), Homecoming (2010), Postively False – Birth of a Heresy (2011), Positive Hell (2014), and Endgame – Assisted Dying and UK legislation (2017).

He has been described, especially in this documentary work, as managing to strike the balance between getting involved with and close to his topics and making sure he keeps enough distance to guarantee his neutrality and independence. An experienced and creative self shooting producer/director and editor, often working with a very small team, he has the rare combination of storytelling, photography and people skills. During his formative years, in which he built a strong foundation, he wrote/produced and directed several diversified short films and commercials.

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