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cropped-10521552_10152638437556350_8127831929157894797_o.jpg“Dealing with real life will always be more challenging and inspirational than anything any actor can bring you.”

Andi Reiss is an award winning independent filmmaker, producer and adventurer with a broad knowledge of independent documentary and commercial media production and experimental creativity, often exploring the potential of film to impact upon personal, social and political experiences and events.

He has extensive experience developing, scripting and self-shooting factual/specialist content, short-form fiction, corporates, commercials, installations and soundscapes, all of which has helped him develop his most valued skill  – anticipating ‘what’s next’.

Themes of ideology, resistance and feeling within our developing understanding of how film might socially alter the attitudes or actions of its audience has been a key focus, and he works as a producer, director, writer/researcher, lighting cameraman, photographer, editor and graphic designer, whilst also teaching as an associate lecturer at Bucks New University. His interest is also in new technologies and platforms that will become increasingly significant as we track an alternative history of the power of film into the digital age.

He has travelled extensively over the years, living and working in New Zealand, China, The Philippines, The Middle East, Eastern Europe and Africa, and has a Masters in 21st Century Media Practice. Outside of professional activities his interests include trampolining, bubblewrap and Avril Lavigne’s underrated latter work.

If you have a project you’d like to get off the ground, it doesn’t matter how large or small your budget, Andi can structure and implement the preparation and development, put a call out to his tribe and take care of the rest, so if you have a moment please check his showreel and resume here and feel free to reach out.

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