“Dealing with real life will always be more challenging and inspirational than anything any actor can bring you.”

Andi Reiss is an independent self shooting producer/director/editor and video artist  with over ten years experience making programmes ranging from observational documentaries to films on art, music, architecture and current affairs. His documentary films, photographs and art installations aim to focus on realism and social commentary with a distinctive experimental style, highlighting issues of controversy and distant voice. His screenplays and drama work aims to entertain. His commercial work aims to innovate and earn. He has won some international festival awards and gained experience of most film-making situations, producing many varied types of content from live events, digital videos, long-form observational documentary, short and very short films, to a 90 minute feature and multi-channel video installation, or video variants.

He holds an MA (with Distinction) in 21st Century Media Practice, and outside of professional activities, his interests include trampolining, bubblewrap, Avril Lavigne’s underrated latter work and stone-skipping.