Andi Reiss is a British media creative currently based in Palm Springs, California. He is an independent working in a variety of media including ethnography, documentary film, video projection, sound design, graphics, photography, painting and drawing and education.

He is a Producer, Filmmaker (self-shooting documentary producer/director), Photographer, Writer (research, documentary and drama), Editor (offline using Adobe CS, Final Cut, DaVinci Resolve 17 Studio), Educator/Associate Lecturer, teaching students to study specific filmmaking tracks and to deepen their practice in filmmaking and a Visualist (painter,caricaturist,fashion artist and digital-designer).

He has a particular interest in portraying underrepresented and (to some extent) marginalised and ‘out of the ordinary’ subcultures, and their stories within. He has worked extensively around the world within the charity sector, offering his skills and experience to implement change and understanding. His preference for an alternative narrative from the popularised one aims to change the message to creatively tell stories from different angles.


Skilled as an independent multidisciplinary creative; a documentary maker, producer and film and video artist, Andi creates content that aims to influence audiences educationally, politically, artistically and spiritually.

Over the past twenty years he has made all kinds of broadcast and online content; a feature drama, festival award-winning documentaries, music videos, commercials, branded content, experimental films, moving image backgrounds, soundscapes, multi-channel installations and photography projects.

In addition, as a director/producer, he regularly teaches and gives workshops on documentary research, storytelling and production. He is an associate lecturer at Bucks New University and Film Oxford in the UK and a professor of post production at the Idyllwild Arts Academy in California.

Just another indie creative, huh?

Andi has a real passion for film and art, and maintains an open-minded and flexible approach to the collaborative creative vision (whether it be for experimental, immersive documentary, factual television, short or feature drama or corporate and branded content)

His documentaries have screened at many international events including Cannes Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Slamdance Film Festival, South By Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival, Raindance Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, New York IFF, Telluride Film Festival, Taormina Film Festival and Queens World Film Festival.

At this time Andi divides his time working between his studio in Oxford (UK) and his home and studio in Palm Springs (US), where he has permanent resident status; a Green Card which allows legal employment stateside.


Sept 1981 –  July1986 : John Hampden Grammar School

Sept 1986 –  July1989 :  Amersham College of FE, Art and Design

Sept 1989 –  July1992 : Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama

September – January 1992 : Vocational training at National Film and Television School.

Sept 2017 –  July 2018 : University of Coventry : Masters with Distinction in 21st Century Media Practice


US: + 1 (760) 902 0497

UK + 44 0777 571 3363

Skype: andireiss

Professional Production

August 1992 – December 1995: Producer at Natural Sound, London

Jan 1996 – Dec 1996: Director at The Court Theatre, New Zealand.

Jan 1997 – April 1999: Freelance Filmmaker and Video Artist, London.

May 1999 – June 1999: Multimedia Producer, Hong Kong

July1999 – April 2012: Formed Yellow Media Group, and with a small team based Soho, London began producing award winning documentaries, video journalism and reportage, commercials and branded content and short drama.

During this time he travelled extensively around the world, including in conflict zones in the Middle East and Africa and many third world countries, making documentaries, reportage and audio/visual events. Also produced and directed multi-media verbatim theatre projects in Auckland, Hong Kong, London and Edinburgh.

In 2008 was commissioned to write 12 feature drama scrips, whilst beginning to work as an associate lecturing at University.

May 2012 – August 2012: Creative Director for Resolution Productions in Doha, Qatar.

Sept 2012 – Dec 2012: Creative Director for Fashion One in Cebu in The Philippines.

Jan 2013 – June 2022: Continued to work as a freelance/self employed writer, filmmaker, multimedia video artist, graphic designer, camera operator, sound designer, painter, cartoonist, and associate lecturer. Also created a documentary consulation business in the UK to advise, oversee and produce indie projects.

June 2022: Relocated to Palm Springs, California for new adventures in media, documentary production, feature development, art, design, non-profit production and education. Currently developing two documentaries and a feature drama, a multi-media project, doing online masterclasses at Film Oxford, lecturing at The Idyllwild Arts Academy (PT), curating an exhibition of new canvasses and metal digital-art and clothes designing through Le Galeriste.

Interests and Involvements 

  • Judge at The Queens World Film Festival, New York City
  • Trustee of ScreenTalk Oxfordshire 
  • Trustee of Oxfordshire Mind
  • 2004 – 2010 – served on Committee of The Directors Guild
  • Memberships:- British Film Editors, PACT, DGGB.

Recent Projects:-

Producer : CR 69 – Chas’in The Championship (Documentary 2022)

Producer/Director – A World Apart (Multi Channel Installation 2018)

Writer/Producer/Director – Endgame (Documentary 2018)

Future Projects 2022:

Producer/Director – A Small Stone (Documentary)

Producer/Director – The Aya Experiment (Documentary)

Writer/Producer – If Only (Multimedia Stageplay)

Lead Artist Exhibition

Past Work:

Documentaries from 2010 – 2021

More Media from 2010 – 2021

Screenplays for Option:

Andi is experienced in writing, teaching and overseeing the following modules/courses:-

  • Tech Skills: Camera and Editing (Premiere Pro)
  • Writing for film and television: documentary
  • World of Journalism (with a focus on video journalism, reportage and short form documentary)
  • Writing for film and television: fiction (focussing on ‘how to read a script’, short visual narrative and feature script development)
  • Technical skills: lighting and sound
  • An introduction to photography
  • Advanced technical skills
  • Photography for Design, Advertising and Promotion: Editorial 
  • The Media Business and creating business plans
  • Production Management
  • Music Video Production
  • Editing Print and Online Content
  • Media Lifestyle and Culture 
  • Professional Preparation (Placement Plus) 
  • Photography for Design, Advertising and Promotion: Campaign and Publicity 
  • Art Film Production (focussing on the difference between art and experimental film and commercial film)
  • News Truth and Power (with a focus on video journalism, reportage and short form documentary)
  • Presentation for Broadcast Media 
  • Social media marketing
  • Filming on mobile phones (with a focus on using specific apps that turn a phone into a DSRL kit)
  • Professional Preparation 2 
  • Industry Practice Research Project (focussing on  historical or social value and content analysis research methodologies)
  • Independent Script Project 
  • Creative Portfolio Production 
  • Placement Plus Work based project
  • Introduction to producing branded film and corporate video
  • Event production
  • Performance video production
  • Creative VJing
  • Directing Drama and working with actors (both with script and improvisation)
  • Creating your showreel

Download his teaching assessment report from Film Oxford here:-

Andi Reiss SCP Observation template 2019-20


Me My City My World Exhibition for Film Oxford

Art and Digital Design