@ndi reiss; adventures in media


“Dealing with real life will always be more challenging and inspirational than anything any actor can bring you.”

Andi Reiss is an independent filmmaker; a producer, director, camera op, editor, video artist and educator creating work ranging from festival winning documentaries to stylised studio and presenter led programmes to multi-channel art installations, projections, short dramas, commercials, corporates, music vids, live events and photographic exhibitions. He is currently living, working and teaching in Oxford, UK, and also, part time with his wife in New York City.

He is director and owner of Yellow Media Group, that makes documentaries, advertising commercials and installations, and holds a Masters (with Distinction) in 21st Century Media Practice.

“Andi is an inspirational teacher with an infectious enthusiasm for what he does.  He is generous with his encouragement and with his helpful tips for those starting out and he is a great storyteller”. 

Outside of professional activities, his interests include trampolining, bubblewrap and Avril Lavigne’s underrated latter work.

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