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I always wanted to be a writer.  No, wait.  First I wanted to go to Middle Earth, but that seemed like a long shot. Everything here is about Plan B. In short, I’m a media producer and creative – of digital video, documentary and experimental drama, hoping to engage with dynamics of contemporary identity and often with stories which the mainstream media ignore. I’ve won the odd indy film festival award over the years.

I work as a self-shooting director, dp, lighting cameraman, editor and photographer in the film and video production market, as a producer/director for single camera documentary and the live event and entertainment market, and I am an associate lecturer, writing and teaching film production, editing, screenwriting, business planning and other media courses for the University and private academy sector. I have served on the jury of the Queens World Film Festival in New York for the past few years, and I’m also an illustrator, cartoonist and graphic designer.

If this sounds like I’m a jack of all trades or a veritable circus on two legs, it’s not so much a matter of multi-tasking but multi-switching, and as self-shooting becomes increasingly common, if not ubiquitous you’ve got to be both quality conscious and competitive. But once you learn how to juggle you rarely drop the ball, unless of course your unicycle hits a pothole, at which point you pump up the tyre and jump back in the saddle.

If you have a moment, please view my full cv here.

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“Andi Reiss is a filmmaker with a brave and brittle voice, appealing to something beyond the obvious.” James Christopher, ‘The Times’ (2010)