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Thank you for visiting my personal space on the big wide web.  I’m a media creative with twenty years of independent production experience, working across platforms as a self-shooting p/d, director, development producer, editor & colourist, photographer, script editor, illustrator, cartoonist, digital designer, experimental installationist and associate lecturer.

Amongst many things, I have produced, directed, shot and edited a number of films exposing opposing views of orthodox opinion, and have been lucky enough to have met authors, thinkers, theologians, physicists, physicians, politicians, statisticians and shamans, all of whom strive for a more socially conscious society and to question the way media continues to create “echo chambers” that prevent people from being exposed to information that contradicts their preexisting beliefs.  I have also produced and directed drama, commercials, corporates, music videos and experimental installations.

In a nutshell; I’m…

  • confident with most standard industry equipment (F55, FS7, C300, Panasonic GH5, BM Ursa Mini, PMW200-300, XF305, 5D etc) to a broadcast level, and also on high grade cinematic lenses and in 4K. 
  • precise with research, with a strong mixed methodology for extensive investigation.
  • experienced and versatile in finance development, proposal writing, production management, casting, location management, storyboarding, budgeting and scheduling.
  • an associate member of the BFE (British Film Editors Guild) and have a studio with Avid, Adobe Creative Suite, Da Vinci Resolve, Audition and all graphics software.
  • able to create storyboards & mood boards, animated graphics,  posters, flyers online banners and digital art.
  • a doodler of cartoons and caricatures, sometimes painting things and occasionally doing graffiti, all legally of course.
  • keen to share knowledge and experience with aspiring talent, as a University Associate Lecturer and freelance course writer and tutor.
  • honoured to have been on the jury at the Queens World Film Festival in New York since 2018.  
  • a Trustee for the mental health charity Oxfordshire Mind.
  • a team member of ScreenTalk Oxfordshire.
  • a dad, and a personal ATM by nature to the best eight year old boy in the world.

If statistics are to be believed, 43 percent of hirers said they “spend less than 60 seconds looking at a resume or reading a biography”. You’ve come this far and I am most grateful.  Thank you for visiting my site and I hope enjoy delving through my adventures. Do please get in touch!

Andi  Reiss



“Andi Reiss is a filmmaker with a brave and brittle voice, appealing to something beyond the obvious.” James Christopher, ‘The Times’ (2010)