Endgame 2017 (125 mins)

Source: Endgame 2017 (125 mins)


Andi Reiss is a London and Oxford based, award winning independent documentary filmmaker, video-artist, producer, director, screenwriter, cameraman, editor, colourist, storyboard artist, cartoonist and associate lecturer. He is also an award winning ‘mistake maker’, which over twenty years has offered opportunity to constantly keep learning.

In his work, often with a political aspect, he aims to incorporate a range of artistic disciplines, uniting them within a social and cultural context. His film include Cargo (2004), Homecoming (2010), Postively False – Birth of a Heresy (2011), Positive Hell (2014), Sacrificial Virgins (2017) and Endgame – Assisted Dying and UK legislation (2018).

He has been described as being able to strike the ethnographic balance between getting involved with, and close up to his topics, whilst ensuring he keeps enough distance to guarantee his neutrality and independence.  An experienced and creative self shooting producer/director and editor, often working with a very small team, he has the rare combination of storytelling, photography and people skills. During his formative years, in which he built a strong foundation, he wrote/produced and directed several diversified short films and commercials.

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